Welcome to Upesy's Website

If you've come all this way, it no doubt, because you want to know what is it we do, why we do it, or perhaps even who we are. To satisfy your curiosity, here's a short story of uPesy

A short story of uPesy

uPesy Electronics is a french company created in 2020 by Alexis. Its founding principle was to help makers realize their DIY projects by offering its boards and electronic components with numerous tutorials.

In a world where the vast majority of boards and electronic components used in our DIY projects are designed and built in China and are regularly built with numerous (and rarely corrected) flaws, provided with very few instructions (often only available in english)

Alexis has put his skills, his passion and all his energy to good use to create high-quality boards that can be used in your DIY projects, they are designed and partially built in France, uPesy's products are upgraded versions of existing boards, said upgrades were implemented based on the reviews and the expectations of the maker community. Numerous tutorials are available to quickly get the hang of the boards and focus on the key aspects of your DIY projects.

Our Goal

uPesy's goal is to make so that makers and tinkerers can have a good time while building their DIY projects. We accomplish this by designing boards that arequick and easy to setup, use, program and debug , this helps us to minimize your frustration you won't need to spend hours trying to make your boards work any longer.

You'll take pleasure in using uPesy's products and services to build your DIY projects.

To guarrantee a high level of quality in our electronic boards, uPesy has internalized the manufacturing process as much as possible with our long-term goal being to fully manufacture the boards in uPesy's factory in France.

Who is behind uPesy ?

Behind uPesy, there is Alexis.

Hi 🙂, I'm Alexis uPesy Electronics's founder. I've been passionate about electronics and programming since I was a teenager. During my studies, I discovered the maker culture, the world of 3D printing and DIY projects. After a scientific preparatory class (a two-year undergraduate intensive course to prepare for nationwide competitive exams in science and engineering schools), I received engineering in electronic embedded systems at the l'ENSEA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications) .

After doing my own DIY projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP32 boards I started crafting my own electronic boards. At first, I designed them exclusively for my personal use, but after witnessing the excellent reception my boards received thanks to the high quality I commercialized them under the uPesy brand so that fellow electronics enthusiasts could work with the finest tools .

Bonjour 🙂, Je suis Alexis fondateur d’uPesy Electronics. Passionné par la programmation et l’électronique depuis mon adolescence, j’ai découvert la culture makers, le monde de l’impression 3D et les projets DIY lors de mes études. Après une classe préparatoire scientifique, j’ai obtenu un diplôme d’ingénieur spécialisé dans les systèmes embarqués électroniques à l’ENSEA (Ecole Nationale Supérieur de l’Electronique et de ses Applications) .

Après avoir fait beaucoup de projets DIY personnels avec des cartes Arduino, Raspberry Pi et ESP32, je me suis mis à réaliser mes propres cartes électroniques de développement d’abord pour mes projets. Puis de fil en aiguille, en voyant la réaction et l’engouement de mon entourage pour mes versions en termes de qualité et de valeur ajoutée, je me suis mis à les proposer aux autres makers sous la marque uPesy, pour qu’un maximum de passionnés puissent travailler avec les meilleurs outils.

By Maker for Maker

uPesy's product are designed with a maker mindset :

Design → Build → Test → Code → Start again

Like in every engineering project, the product is rarely perfect from the get-go . We look closely at the makers's reviews and suggestions to further improve our products.

uPesy's boards are first and foremost prototyping boards.

Made in France : A long term need

uPesy's goal to have its own assembly line goes beyond the current trend of the Made In France, it is a necessity to optimize our development time and allow us to offer a vast array of rapidly evolving components for prototyping .

Much like Sparkfun or Adafruit, uPesy intends to develop its own assembly line to ensure a strong product diversity in small and medium-scale production with highly competitive prices for makers, uPesy aspires to create its own micro-factory to manufacture electronic boards without having to use an external third-party. The current semi-conductor shortage has only strengthened our desire to control as much of the manufacturing process as possible.

Currently (May 2022), uPesy's boards are only partially built in France by uPesy ,thus the “Designed in France” written on the cards. Indeed, acquiring the necessary machines (Pick and Place) requires financial means that uPesy currently does not possess. The transition will occur over time.