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uPesy only delivers currently in France.

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Electronics tutorials to boost your DIY projects

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the uPesy documentation!

It contains many tutorials to progress in the programming of ESP32 and Raspberry Pi Pico boards.

Specific tutorials are also proposed for boards and modules designed by uPesy Electronics.

You will learn, whatever your level, valuable and relevant information to upgrade your DIY electronic projects to the next level. πŸš€

The section πŸš€ Getting started guides you in the quick start of uPesy products .

The section πŸ“± uPesy Boards contains the technical descriptions of the uPesy boards.

The section βš™οΈ Installation offers installation tutorials of ESP32 and Raspberry Pi Pico boards development tools.

The section πŸ’» Programming contains programming tutorials with Arduino or MicroPython code for ESP8266, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi Pico boards.


The whole documentation is under license CC BY-NC-ND .

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