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Prototype Boards (Mini + Medium)

Prototype Boards (Mini + Medium)

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  • 📌 Convenient: This Kit allows you to move quickly from an electronic circuit prototype on a Breadboard to a permanent and reliable electronic circuit. The plated holes of a row are connected together, much like on a classic Breadboard. No more wires everywhere and a big solder bridge!
  • 📌Handy: The plated holes are pre-tinned, making the soldering of electronic components and sensors very easy. The circuit board grid is numbered on both sides to simplify the transfer of the electronic circuit from the BreadBoard. You will save a lot of time.
  • 📌 100% Compatible: Like a Breadboard, these protoboards are compatible with Arduino, uPesy ESP32, terminal blocks, electronic components and even with the breadboard power module.
  • 📌 High Quality: High-quality black FR4 epoxy PCB board. The holes are well centered, and the plated holes are heat-resistant. They will not come off quickly when using a desoldering pump. Make a clean and permanent version of your DIY project with these protoboards!
  • 📌 Package Contents: Pack of 5 Mini Solderable Breadboards and 5 Medium Solderable Breadboards. The holes are made for M2 and M3 screws/standoffs/spacers (not supplied). The size of the Solderable Mini Breadboard is 51mm x 38mm x 1.6mm and 87mm x 53mm x 1.6mm for the Solderable Medium Breadboard.
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Create a nice definitive version of your circuits

Since the perforated pads are connected together like on a classic Breadboard, there will be fewer wires in all directions and no more large solder pads to connect the components!
You can even put all the components on one side and the wires on the other.

Easily switch from a prototype to a definitive version

With these electronic breadboards in the shape of a "solderable breadboard", it's never been easier to make definitive versions of your electronic circuits. Since the format is identical to a breadboard, transfer the same electronic circuit in the same layout.

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What is the difference between the usual green protoboards ?

In the case of standard protoboard, the holes are isolated from one another. When it comes to uPesy’s boards, the holes are electrically connected in a straight line, much like on a usual breadboard: it is a solderable breadboard.

How do you link the power rails that are on both sides ?

A simple soldering bridge will be enough.

Can I use an ESP32/8266 with these protoboards ?

These protoboards have the same size that the standard breadboards: if your ESP32/8266 fits on a regular breadboard, then you will have no problem getting it to it on uPesy’s protoboard. Most ESP32s are too wide for breadboards, preventing the user from accessing the pins. It isn’t a problem for uPesy’s ESP32s which are breadboard compatible.

Is it possible to resize the boards?

With the right tools, it is technically possible, but it is not recommanded.

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