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uPesy ESP32 Wroom Low Power DevKit

uPesy ESP32 Wroom Low Power DevKit

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  • 📌 Optimised consumption : This is an optimized version of the uPesy Wroom DevKit board for very low power consumption when the ESP32 is in Deep Sleep mode. It consumes less than 15µA in Deep Sleep mode.
  • 📌 Convenient : Compatible with the uPesy Wroom Devkit board : same size, same pins (only the GPIO35 pin will not be usable because it allows to estimate the battery level). It benefits from all its practical advantages : breadboard compatible, automatic uploading, USB C connector ...
  • 📌 Built-in battery charger: The uPesy ESP32 Wroom Low Power DevKit has a built-in charger that allows you to charge a Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery via the USB connector.
  • 📌 Well Documented: Tutorials written for the installation and use of the board on Arduino IDE, PlatformIO and Micro Python are provided. A summary pinout is also offered!
  • 📌 Reliable : High quality board designed in France 🇫🇷. Each uPesy ESP32 Wroom Low Power DevKit board is individually tested to make sure it work properly! It comes with MicroPython already installed.
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Board made in France

This electronic board was designed by uPesy Electronics and proudly manufactured in France. Each board is carefully assembled in our French micro-factory, to ensure high quality manufacturing and attention to every detail.

Best ESP32 ultra low power board with less than 15 µA in Deep Sleep mode

Using optimized power paths, the uPesy ESP32 Wroom Low Power DevKit card draws between 8µA and 15 µA in Deep Sleep mode depending on units, which allows a battery-powered ESP32 to be powered on for several months.

Multiple power supply paths

The board has 2 optimized power paths: battery power and external power on the VIN pin. It is even possible to use a solar panel with its battery charger to recharge a battery connected to the board.

Protections for a continuous use

To secure your projects, the board has two 500mA fuses to protect the battery and the VIN pin from a possible short circuit. A 500mA thermal self-resetting fuse is also included for the USB.


Is the board delivered with a USB cable?

USB-C cable is not included. Any USB cable with a USB-C connector will be ok. However, you must take care to use a cable that allows for the transfer of data.

Is the board delivered with a battery?

Battery not included, as it is pretty difficult to send Lithium batteries. Within the instruction manual, you will find a list of batteries that have been tested and approved by uPesy.

What kind of connector does the battery use ?

The battery uses a 2mm JST 2.0 connector with a standard polarity. Be careful, some batteries use JST 1.25 connectors.

Is it possible to change the fuses?

Yes, it is. There are dedicated footprints on the bottom of the board where you can solder new fuses. An alternative solution would be to bypass the fuses by using a soldering bridge, this is not recommended.

Are there any differences between versions 1 and 2?

uPesy is continuously improving its products with new versions. In general, the changes are minor from one version to the other. The board sold is based on the most recent version. To know in detail, the differences from one version to another, you can refer to the changelog in the technical documentation of the board.

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